About Us

  • License—The Village School is licensed by the State of Texas as a child Day Care Center with capacity for 121 children, infants to 12 years of age. Learning Programs are based on developmentally appropriate practices.
  • History—The school has been in continuous operation as a childcare center since the mid seventies, under different names. The Village School itself began operation in February 1996.
  • Hours of Operation--We are open from 6:30AM until 6:30PM M-F. We observe major holidays.
  • Location—The Village School is a full service childcare facility located at 1521 E. Arapaho Rd. in Richardson TX 75081, one block east of Plano Road.
  • Our Director—Heather White has been with The Village School since 1998 and has been instrumental in building and managing our success over the years she has been here.
  • If You Are New to Child Care—We recognize that, if this is your child's first experience with group care, he or she may have an adjustment period; and we realize that you may require an adjustment period also. There are various studies on this subject, so please be assured that we are aware of the need for sensitivity in this area.
  • Parent Conferences—Individual conferences are frequent, as frequent as you may need. We strongly encourage your participation.